About VividMath

After 25 years of learning and tutoring maths, I’ve seen it all. 

What works and what doesn’t. Here’s my take on learning maths.

The 3 secrets to doing well in Maths are:

Practise, practise and even more practise. It sounds boring but it’s true.

It’s easy to just do the tutoring, 

somewhat easy to get students to understand,

but it’s difficult to get students to practise. 

Why is it so hard to get them to do exercises and solve problems? 

Because practise is hard work, while being tutored is comfy. 

I would do the working and they would do the watching. Easy for them.

Here’s the deal: Math is a skillset not a subject. You see, skills come from

practising not watching. 

I can watch tennis on TV but that won’t give me the skills to play, will it?

Maths is also not a spectator sport.

So, if you want to do well in Maths? It’s simple, practise more. 

But todays current maths school system actually discourages practise.

Here’s how.  

You get taught Maths by the teacher (or tutor). 

Then you have to go home and practise exercises all by yourself (aka homework).

That’s like, you get told (explanation) by a driving instructor on how to drive, 

then you have to go and actually get in the driver’s seat and drive all by yourself.

Can you imagine a learner driver driving all by themself?

Do you think they will struggle or make a mistake? 

Luckily, learner drivers have an instructor next to them as they drive, giving feedback in real time.

Unfortunately, maths students don’t have an instructor next to them as they do exercises. 

All they have is a small static answer at the back of the book. 

No step by step solution, no real feedback. Nothing about what they did wrong or how to correct it.

That’s why they struggle, get stuck, feel confused and make mistakes. 

Eventually they crash and lose confidence. 

How do we fix this? 

Simple, it’s all about timing.

Just give students tutoring during the practising. This will give them real time feedback as they are doing the exercises. 

That’s why I created VividMath with the worlds’ first Maths Practice Tutoring

You get tutoring when you need it the most,……. during practise, as you do exercises.

No more stuck. No more confusion. No more losing confidence.